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Facing stubborn achievement gaps? You’re not alone, and there is a solution. We’ve seen up to 70% gains on unit assessments! LSI Standards Tracker makes it easy.

The secret is to focus on closing daily learning gaps—every day, for every student. This simple change to core instruction can spark astonishing results.

First teachers design lessons using preloaded standards, chunked into learning targets that make setting sequence and scope a snap. Expert-created success criteria ensure that students will be asked to demonstrate rigor appropriate for the standard. They’ll understand the target and know exactly what proficiency looks like.

No additional testing, no stress. During the regular flow of instruction, as teachers check for understanding, they use simple iPad screen taps to quickly collect data on student learning.

Instant reports reveal who is on track to meet the standard, who has met it already, and who will need reteaching or RTI or MTSS resources.

Creating a personalized learning plan is simplified, too, with reports showing:

  • The standards that have been covered
  • Each student’s progress of learning during core instruction
  • Who hasn’t met the learning target for the standard

District, building, and classroom reports are also available.

Set off a chain reaction in learning

It’s not just educators who benefit. Once kids start to experience the success they crave, student engagement and self-confidence soar.

Tap into your students’ full potential.

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When great teachers and engaged students work together, amazing gains are possible. The secret to success is a shared understanding of the journey to proficiency, so that everyone understands where we are now, where we’re headed, and how to get there.

What’s needed is an easy-to-use digital tool that shows teachers where to adjust instruction for each student, and shows students where to focus their efforts.

For students, eliminating the fear of failure is life-changing.

Once they realize success is possible and within their power, they become engaged in learning like never before.

Ask yourself...

  • Are all students learning at consistently high levels?
  • Are all students motivated, engaged, and excited to learn?
  • Are all teachers implementing the intended standards-based curriculum?
  • Is classroom lesson rigor as high as state testing rigor?
  • Do report card grades align with standardized test scores?

Don’t you wish teachers could...

  • See exactly where students are in the learning journey every day
  • Get leading indicators of learning long before the end-of-unit test
  • Know precisely which students are struggling with which learning targets

LSI Standards Tracker takes learning GPS to the next level.

No more time-consuming planning, paperwork, and manual data analysis—just instantly actionable reports that ensure rigorous, standards-based instruction, high student engagement, and timely intervention in every classroom.

Are teaching and learning on track?

Get GPS into every classroom with LSI Standards Tracker.


Read how formative assessment and LSI Standards Tracker drive learning.

Now that we’re using the LSI Standards Tracker, instead of kids plateauing, we’re seeing forward momentum. If there are kids who need remediation, we know exactly where they need it. And that’s pretty incredible. We’re already seeing gains on our unit assessments.

– Christopher Wotton,

Assistant Principal, Calusa Elementary, FL


LSI Standards Tracker is designed to make life easier for everyone: leaders, teachers, and even students.

LSI Standards Tracker benefits for district and school administrators

  • Align intended, implemented, and attained curriculum
  • Ease teacher stress and workload associated with standards-based instruction
  • Build shared understanding of rigor and proficiency
  • Ensure consistently high-quality instruction in every classroom
  • Support timely RTI/MTSS implementation
  • Bolster student engagement
  • Accelerate learning in every classroom
  • Analyze results of daily instruction by standard, grade level, or teacher
  • Align grading criteria across subject areas and grade levels
  • Verify academic performance by building, student demographic, and more

LSI Standards Tracker benefits for teachers

  • Quickly align scope & sequence to standards
  • Easily check whether lessons are rigorous enough
  • Engage students in owning learning goals
  • Collect formative data without more testing
  • Differentiate instruction on the spot
  • Monitor student learning progress student by student, skill by skill, lesson by lesson, standard by standard
  • See the daily results of instruction by standard, unit, lesson, or student Identify students in need of intervention
  • Enrich students who are ready to advance
  • Create personalized learning reports and plans with a few clicks
  • Share scope & sequence with colleagues
  • Accelerate learning for all students


LSI Standards Tracker comes with everything you need, including start-up training.

Pre-loaded core standards for all 50 states1
Pre-loaded expert-created learning targets for each standard1
Pre-loaded student friendly success criteria for learning targets in ELA and mathematics1
Customizable for district standards, targets, and criteria1
Intuitive interface with step-by-step guidance1
Simple class roster import or creation1
Click-to-create scope and sequence1
Click-to-share lesson details with colleagues1
Tap-to-track real-time progress monitoring1
Teacher-friendly data pictures of student achievement1
Commenting and score adjustment allowed1
Instant reporting sortable by student, skill, lesson, or standard1
Other reports include standards coverage, student profiles, class, building, and demographic11
Coaching for implementation1
Ignite Core Instruction™1
School leadership coaching1
LSI Growth Tracker1