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Is evaluation frustrating you? The time, the paper trail, the tension?

What if walkthroughs were faster, more focused?

What if they actually helped improve teaching and leadership practices?

iObservation eliminates the administrative burden of evaluation so you can focus on what matters most: student achievement. With digitized forms that include video “look fors,” you’ll get through more walkthroughs in a day and provide more specific, helpful feedback that’s instantly available.

Easy uploads consolidate classroom artifacts and student evidence with feedback. No more spreadsheets for scoring--just click for reports. With instant feedback and complete transparency, iObservation builds trust in a credible evaluation process.

Best of all, iObservation delivers a powerful resource library and growth planning tools that tap into educator passion and fuel districtwide growth. Teachers select areas for growth, collaborate with peers, and hone their instructional practice.

Free ongoing customer support ensures live help is always a call or click away.

iObservation works with any evaluation model: Marzano, Danielson, your state model, or your custom district model. Choose LSI’s exclusive Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model, and evaluation becomes easier than ever with just 23 elements to observe instead of 60. Teacher, building leader, even district leader evaluation can all be streamlined and simplified.

School and district leaders are constantly in classrooms using this tool, and it is transforming the entire culture.

– David Schauer,

Superintendent, Kyrene School District, Arizona

Tap into your students’ full potential.

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How did evaluation get to be such a big deal? And why hasn’t it worked the way it was intended?

In the age of standards and accountability, results matter, and student learning matters most of all. Evaluation was meant to help educators pinpoint successful practices, root out unsuccessful ones, and get better at helping kids.

For many educators, it became another time-consuming obligation, intricate to administer and unrelated to actual practice. No wonder everyone frowns when the topic comes up.

Why is iObservation better?

It focuses on measuring and improving practices that impact learning

It provides faster, more actionable feedback on those practices

It nurtures those practices with a professional resource library and growth plans

Once you go digital, you’ll never look back

With a transparent, credible, efficient process, evaluation now can work for educators instead of against them--the way it was always supposed to.

I can get so many more classroom walkthroughs and observations done. . . .  I'm able to get a lot more accomplished in a day.

– Tammy Ferguson,

Principal, A.D. Henderson University School, Florida

Get back to the mission.

Switch to learning-centered evaluation.


Learn more about the research basis behind iObservation.

The thing I like most about the iObservation tool is that you get feedback instantaneously.

– Brian Schum,

Middle School and High School Social Science Teacher, A.D. Henderson University School, Florida

The system streamlines the evaluation process to flow more efficiently and effectively. A huge benefit of iObservation is the amount of resources available that both explain and support the evaluation framework.

– Luciano Munoz,

Executive Director, Human Resources, Yuma Elementary School District ONE, Arizona


iObservation makes evaluation easier for everyone: teachers, coaches, building leaders, and district leaders.

iObservation benefits

  • Paperless walkthrough, observation, and evaluation
  • Automated data collection, scoring, and reporting
  • All-in-one storage of artifacts, scores, and feedback
  • Learning-centered protocols for teachers and leaders
  • Measurement and development of teacher and leader skill
  • More classroom visits in less time
  • More specific, timely, actionable teacher feedback
  • Self-driven, personalized professional development
  • Transparency and trust in a credible process
  • Districtwide common language and shared goals


iObservation works with any evaluation system, including:

  • Marzano Focused Evaluation Model
  • Marzano School Leader Evaluation Model
  • Marzano District Leader Evaluation Model
  • Danielson 2007 Framework for Teaching
  • State frameworks (AK, CA, OH, PA, WA)
  • Customized district frameworks
Electronic observation forms1
Embedded videos illustrating evaluation criteria1
Online PD resource library (your choice of Marzano or Danielson)1
Collaboration forum for teachers1
Professional growth planning and tracking1
Data and artifact management1
Automated reporting1
Leadership training and support1
Free ongoing customer support via phone or email1
Free changes to configuration after initial setup1
Virtual training1
Essentials for Achieving Rigor PD1
School leadership coaching1