We can’t make your to-do list shorter, but with LSI’s user-friendly, affordable tech tools, we can help you get through some of it faster.

Educators work hard. With so many programs, standards, mandates, students and staff, the to-do list is always long, and the stakes--your students’ futures--are always high.

That’s why you need more time for the work that really matters, the work that led you to education in the first place: helping kids learn.

With LSI’s tech tools, you’ll support success every step of the way.

Sustain professional growth

Growth Tracker ensures that team time centers on the most meaningful work--mastering core instruction--not on paperwork and planning. With the power of new technology and your existing teams, improving core instruction across a whole school or district is possible.

Get learning GPS

Standards Tracker makes planning standards-based lessons and monitoring every student’s proficiency, on every standard, every day, a snap. Clear learning targets and powerful instant reports help students and teachers see a clear path to success. Incredible gains are possible.

Transform evaluation

iObservation shortens the time-consuming work of evaluating teacher effectiveness--so you can focus on growing teacher effectiveness. Paperless, efficient, research-based, it’s everything you expect--but most importantly, it helps make evaluation valuable for everyone involved.

Ready to line out your to-do list?

Get back to the heart of your work with LSI’s tech tools for leaders and teachers.