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Onsite Professional Development Teachers Love that Delivers Next Day Impact for Students

Classroom Resources That Increase Active Learning and Student Teams

Shayla Calhoun, 2nd Grade Teacher

The whole training was awesome and I could imagine my own students actively engaged, learning and having fun!

Shayla Calhoun
2nd Grade Teacher

Professional Development Should Not Only Benefit Teachers but Also Make an Immediate, Positive and Significant Impact for Students

  • Are students passive and not taking ownership of their learning?
  • Do you struggle to find professional development that provides great value, is embraced by teachers and delivers immediate impact for students?
  • Do teachers think Professional Development is a waste of time?
  • Is it difficult to find teacher professional development that will meet the needs of all grades and subjects?

The students are engaged in productive struggle, while working in collaborative teams, and also show ownership of learning.

Jill Gessling
Instructional Coach
Jill Gessling, Instructional Coach

Choose Academic Teaming Academy:

Professional development teachers love that raises student engagement

Teachers taking part in an Academic Teaming PD day


Based on extensive research and field testing, Academic Teaming Academy fosters a classroom with increased student engagement, collaboration and an enjoyable learning environment where teaching becomes fun again.

Ready-to-Use Classroom Resources
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Ready-to-Use Classroom Materials

Agree/Disagree cards and teaming mats keep students involved, more interactive in discussions and promote individual accountability. How to guides enable teachers to initiate active learning strategies with students the very next day.

Children working together with an Academic Teaming kit

Next-Day Impact
for Students

Student teams deepen learning, engage, and challenge students in a way they would not experience through traditional instruction. English language learners, students with special needs, and students from low socioeconomic status have blossomed with academic teams.

Download The 10 Keys to Incredibly Effective PD

10 Keys to Incredibly Effective PD

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Now you can know within 5 minutes if PD can deliver the positive student outcomes that the program developers promise.
We've gathered The 10 Keys to Incredibly Effective PD and organized them in a convenient checklist.
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Struggling to Align Your District’s Priorities?

Let Academic Teaming Academy tie your initiatives together

Align Your District’s Priorities

Field-Tested Results

Mia, 3rd grade student

Because we all get to work together and if someone knows it in our group, but we don't, then they could help us and we could learn better.


3rd Grade Student

Tiffany Spencer, 4th grade teacher

They are happy to come to school and be here. The kids are more relaxed because they have the opportunity to share, collaborate, and talk.

Tiffany Spencer

4th Grade Teacher

Erica Eganhouse, instructional coach

It's the kids that are doing the work. That was such an amazing shift to see.

Erica Eganhouse

Instructional Coach

3 Steps to Your Professional Development Success

Calendar with check mark

Your PD Day

Schedule a free call to plan a Professional Development day that meets your needs and engages teachers in an exciting, effective learning day.

Papers, folders, and pencil

Provide Ready-to-Use Resources

Each teacher receives a ready-to-use toolkit filled with classroom resources that is the key to next-day implementation of Academic Teaming Academy training and concepts.

A framed diploma

Celebrate Professional Development Success

Experience a fun, engaging, and collaborative training day that helps teachers implement the classroom resources to deliver immediate impact.

The Learning Sciences Promise

At Learning Sciences, we hold ourselves accountable to help you achieve your goals. Student-led Academic teaming has the power to improve academic achievement and social-emotional learning simultaneously, while also closing gaps between students of differing abilities, preparing students for college and the workplace, and promoting equity and access.

  • You will receive high-quality, research-based ready-to-use classroom resources for teachers that deliver immediate student impact.
  • Your Professional Development program will be applicable to all teachers, at all levels, and will impact all students at all levels and capabilities.
  • You will have access to ongoing resources to support implementation.

Why Trust Learning Sciences for Your Professional Development?

At Learning Sciences International (LSI), we know you want to be a respected and innovative school leader who can plan quality learning for teachers that increases collaboration and makes a difference in the classroom. To do that, you need a professional development (PD) solution that delivers high value, can help fix big problems, is loved and embraced by teachers, and delivers immediate impact for students. The problem is often you have limited time to investigate the many solutions available and you’re not sure which ones will deliver what you need.

We believe you should be able to implement PD that not only benefits teachers but provides significant and immediate student impact. As former school leaders, we have experienced these same challenges.
We know all too well what it is like when PD fails and have experienced it ourselves. That's why LSI created an academic teaming PD solution with ready-to-use classroom materials teachers and students love that delivers next day impact with students. Our solution is research-based and field-tested. With a proven track record over 23 years, we hold ourselves accountable for your success.

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