Book Proposal Guidelines

What We’re Looking For

When evaluating your manuscript or proposal, the Acquisitions Team looks for:

  • Author credentials: Firsthand experience as an educator or researcher; existing publications (books, articles, online posts); and national visibility through speaking engagements, online presence and/or conference presentations
  • Research basis: Emphasis on current research (within the last 5 years), inclusive of relevant major trends, theories, and works, and presented for a K–12 practitioner audience
  • Practicality: Clear, concise content broken down into useful chunks; a problem/solution approach that provides action-oriented applications for the classroom, school, or district
  • Well-written text: Active, engaging voice, tailored to teacher or administrator audience as content demands, well-structured and thoughtfully organized
  • Marketability: New, unique content or presentation, and a sizeable potential audience/target market