Marzano Evaluation Models


Evaluation is a sensitive topic that research proves is necessary to build momentum and sustain growth. At LSI, we work with you to establish constructive practices grounded in mutual trust.

The Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model is a heavy-duty framework that’s strong enough to withhold the weight of rigorous, standards-based shifts while clarifying the expectations between principals and teachers. You’ll unleash transformational leadership and increase student achievement, but even more importantly, you will lay the foundation for a collaborative dream team to inspire students for years to come.

The Focused Evaluation Model combines deliberate practice, reflection, and feedback to form a network of accountability that propels learning forward--with no scripting, and a limited focus on 23 critical elements.

Looking for help evaluating school and district leaders or other roles?
LSI’s leader eval has been recognized as one of the few that actually increase effectiveness. Talk to us about our full suite of Marzano evaluation training and support.

Principals, you’ll monitor teacher effectiveness using focused goals and behaviors that correspond to student achievement.

Teachers, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the criteria for evaluation used to determine your effectiveness and get actionable feedback.

Choose LSI’s student-centered, Marzano-based system of evaluation. After training, implementation is a snap using iObservation’s tech platform that seamlessly tracks professional growth with measurable data.

Increase your school’s capacity for effectiveness.

Put the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation model to work for you.


The Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model is a research-based tool that ensures instruction has the necessary rigor to prepare students for college and career success.
Streamlined, simplified, and flexible, it can be used with any instructional model.

Originally developed with Dr. Robert J. Marzano in 2010, the Focused Evaluation Model draws on decades of research on teacher pedagogy and evaluation. Since then, LSI researchers have continued to collect data from multiple sources—including three years of value-added modeling, scores from hundreds of classrooms through our exclusive iObservation tool, surveys, and growth metrics.

Great Marzano evaluation, only faster. Simpler. Better.

Evaluation PD that is designed solely to comply with instructional shifts often falls short of effecting lasting change. That’s why the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model was created with a growth-based mentality. We actively invest in teachers and leaders by supporting them well beyond the initial implementation phase.

  • Zero in on 23 essential behaviors
  • Leverage current research and validation studies
  • Reinforce the natural link between core instruction and teacher accountability
  • Support the transition to standards-based instruction
  • Build teacher confidence

No more guesswork

For each behavior, the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model incorporates a focus statement and desired effect, plus sample instructional techniques and strategies for evaluating student work.

Leave clunky old school eval behind.

Upgrade to observation rooted in rigor, nurtured by trust.


Explore the research on “Aligning Standards with Instruction and Student Evidence Using the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model”

Read RAND’s conclusions on effective evaluation

Dive deeper into evaluation rationale at the Marzano Center

The Marzano Evaluation Framework has had a significant, positive effect on student achievement in our district. The Framework allows our administrators to give the kind of specific feedback which teachers can understand and use to improve their practice. The impact the Framework has had on teaching and learning is remarkable. Teachers see the feedback as fair and useful.

– Drew Eichelberger,

Executive Director of Elementary Education, Putnam City Schools, OK


Transformational leadership requires vision, action, and influence. The Focused Evaluation Model maximizes your capacity for leadership while reinforcing the natural link between core instruction and teacher accountability.

If you have the vision to expand teacher effectiveness and boost student performance, we can help you implement an evaluation program that translates to real influence. As a result, you can look forward to seeing clear indicators of improved teacher and leader effectiveness.

You will see:

  • Rigorous, standards-based learning in every classroom
  • Relentless focus on student results, evidenced by data
  • Responsive instructional framework with a pathway to scaffold instruction
  • Renewed and revitalized teachers with access to resources for growing their practice

The Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model trains you to grasp new content, apply your learning through practice, and monitor your knowledge with formative assessments. Along the way, you’ll learn how to weigh feedback to ensure you’re meeting baseline competency and how to use our exclusive tech tools to facilitate the process.

Go digital with iObservation eval technology

Provide aligned, job-embedded PD for teacher teams

Learn the leader eval model recognized by RAND as evidence-based


Focus on specific essential core instruction and leadership practices that promote student achievement.

Identify clear “look for” evidences of the essential practices and enjoy consistent, accurate scoring methods.

Leverage a proven system that’s been refined from feedback from hundreds of classrooms, schools, and districts for more than five years.

Embed other Marzano Evaluation models to ensure evaluation of leaders, teachers, and other staff and reinforce your shared goal of student achievement.

Ensure deep implementation with face-to-face and online training and coaching.

Simplify your implementation using iObservation for a streamlined, seamless process.

Help teachers grow.

Switch to evaluation tested in hundreds of classrooms and refined by research.