Leadership Academy


LSI’s Leadership Academy is a transformative, collaborative experience that supports your district initiative to deepen instructional rigor in every classroom. Learning together with peers and colleagues, participants achieve amazing results.

The Academy creates a community of practice, free of judgment or fear, where a cadre of 75 educators can share their plans, strategies, and results as they implement a rigorous instructional model in their schools.

Is your district small?
No problem--you can pool training with a neighboring district.

Over the course of a year or more, these newly empowered educators transform their home schools.

Some even start to serve as drop-in models of effective core instruction for others, providing inspiration and implementation support long after the Academy ends. Particularly successful schools may become an LSI Schools for Rigor showcasing live growth to other schools in your district and beyond.

Leverage islands of excellence.

Expand expertise to every classroom across the district.


One of the things the Leadership Academy has provided for us is consistent training districtwide. You have to have consistency to prevent schools from becoming islands. Pulling in the teacher coaches to go to the Leadership Academy trainings is so helpful because they can then take what they’ve learned back to their individual buildings so there is consistency across the district.

– Sarah Marxhausen,

Assistant Principal, Princeton Middle School, MN


The Academy helps enact systemic, organizational, and practical change. It creates a cohort of influential advocates and instructional leaders who spread hope, strategies, and determination.

The Leadership Academy does more than gather passionate educators to pool their knowledge, share experiences, and develop a shared vision of great teaching and learning. It builds district capacity for change by bringing together instructional leaders from every level, from superintendents to teacher leaders: anyone who will be responsible for leading implementation.

A transformative professional experience

  • Each session builds slowly on previous content, so members retain learning.
  • Sessions are equal parts collaborative learning and hands-on practice.
  • Between sessions, members implement and adjust new strategies.
  • Members regroup to share successful ideas and practices.
  • Each participating leader and teacher creates and finetunes their practice using best-practice research, data, feedback, and more.
  • Members learn in role-aligned teams. Teacher leaders at one school learn from teacher leaders at another. Coaches learn from coaches. Principals learn from principals.

When teams come together for whole-group learning, magic happens.

Suddenly everyone has a better understanding of how practice and goals must align across each school and the district.

Get everyone on board with change.

Find out how to start an LSI Leadership Academy for your district.


Research tells us that even the most experienced instructors grow when they regularly interact with a peer network. Through the Leadership Academy, your team will collaborate, share practices, and review results and data among a close-knit community of colleagues. They’ll dive deep into a cycle of professional learning to get results that last beyond initial implementation.

Your community of practice will:

  • Create a shared focus on student learning and a passion to succeed
  • Drive rigorous instruction and effective formative assessment practice into every classroom
  • Maximize instructional leadership capacity across a school or district
  • Gain insight on using observational data to measure teacher effectiveness and inform practice
  • Embed collaborative, responsive professional learning into student-centered systems
  • Build cooperative structural support proven to spark system-wide change
  • Ensure deep implementation of district initiatives and systems of effective evaluation
  • Align professional learning with teacher and leader development


Training is customized to meet your specific district needs and to ensure sustainable implementation of the Essentials for Achieving Rigor.

The Academy meets roughly five times in a year for face-to-face training, action planning, collaborative sharing, and reflection. Multiple year plans are possible.

Members acquire the latest research-based strategies from renowned and recognized experts, with a heavy focus on how to implement those strategies, practice, and feedback.

Each community of practice collaborates online between sessions to bounce ideas off the community, root out practices that aren’t working, and refine those that are.

Teachers will learn how to implement strategies and close learning gaps. Leaders will learn to interpret observational data and provide feedback to spur next steps and sustain momentum.

Achieve your vision of student success.

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