Assessment Quick Reference Pack

Assessment Quick Reference Pack

A collection of quick reference guides on assessment to outfit 50 teachers

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Quick reference guide



Quick reference guides are short, in-the-moment memory joggers on strategies and techniques teachers need most in the midst of instruction. Filled with helpful charts, lists, and callouts, the Assessment Quick Reference Pack makes it easy for teachers to find strategies, reminders, and cues for making assessment a powerful, positive piece of the instructional cycle. Developed by education experts for experienced teachers and those new to the classroom, this pack outfits 50 teachers with three reference guides on critical assessment best practices. This pack gives teachers:
  • At-a-glance information on preassessments, formative assessments, and summative assessments and specific ways to use each type to ensure that all students are learning
  • Quick summaries of the most effective formative assessment techniques for each of five key instructional strategies
  • Guidance for incorporating performance assessment into planning, designing, and selecting rubric templates and tasks and using performance assessment for both formative and summative purposes
  • Leaders can also use teacher feedback about these resources to pinpoint areas of continued professional development or group studies with related books. Contains 150 units to outfit 50 teachers: (50) Brain-Friendly Assessments Quick Reference Guide (50) Embedding Formative Assessment Quick Reference Guide (50) Performance Assessment Quick Reference Guide
Product Code: UPM170007
Publisher: LSI