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Learning Sciences International® (LSI) empowers schools and districts to transform core instruction and leadership practices, resulting in rapid gains in student learning.

At the center of this transformation is the company’s Schools for Rigor partnerships, which are proven to raise student performance through strengthening core instruction and leadership practices and meet Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements for evidence-based interventions.

LSI empowers each student and educator to meet the new challenges of a new economy (in which today’s students and educators must prepare for a future in which new jobs, skills, functions, and disciplines are necessary) by transforming traditional core instruction and leadership practices with research-based, results-driven strategies, products, and services. By combining the most effective elements of traditional pedagogy, such as the strong social bonds forged by impassioned educators, with the advancements of new technology at a student’s fingertips, LSI is at the forefront of this educational evolution and transformation for the better.


LSI was founded in 2002 by Michael D. Toth and fellow university faculty members. The company partners with schools and districts to strategically achieve significant, sustainable gains in student learning and provides professional development and research-based school improvement solutions to K–12 teachers and leaders. It also publishes pedagogical and educational books and resources.

The LSI Publishing Division produces titles by internationally renowned educators and researchers on topics including formative assessment, rigorous classroom instruction, coaching, educational neuroscience, and school leadership. Dylan Wiliam, William N. Bender, David A. Sousa, Marcia L. Tate, Jaime Castellano, Robert J. Marzano, Beverly Carbaugh, Toby Karten, and Carla Moore are among the authors.


Michael D. Toth is founder and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Learning Officer of Learning Sciences International. Formerly the president of the National Center for the Profession of Teaching, a university faculty member, and director of research and development grants, Mr. Toth transformed his university research and development team into a company that is focused on leadership, teacher professional growth and instructional effectiveness correlated to student achievement gains.

Mr. Toth is actively involved in research and development, gives public presentations, and advises education leaders on issues of leadership and teacher effectiveness, school improvement, and professional development systems. He is the award-winning author of Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change and co-author of Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference: A New Model for Teacher Growth and Student Achievement with Robert J. Marzano, and the Essentials for Standards-Driven Classrooms: A Practical Instructional Model for Every Student to Achieve Rigor with Robert J. Marzano and Carla Moore.

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